Group Machiels thinks global, acts local

For more than 70 years Group Machiels has been a staunch defender of sustainable business management. The group wants to make a major contribution to the sustainable management of materials, energy and infrastructure. In spite of the group's transformation over the past decades, the organisation remains loyal to its roots in Limburg.

Group Machiels' motto is Closing the Circle. This baseline is also an invitation to other companies and authorities in Belgium, Europe and the rest of the world to work together for a greener, better world for future generations. From its local competence centres in Limburg, Group Machiels contributes to global solutions to close the circle and to reduce humankind's ecological footprint to zero.

Closing the Circle

A sustainable circle

Under the motto of 'Closing the circle', Group Machiels has been a pioneer in sustainability for many years. The internal know-how and dynamic has resulted in advanced techniques in green-energy production, recycling and the valorisation of waste flows.
An ideal balance between ecological, economic and social interests is targeted. That is why we focus chiefly on projects where ecology and economy go hand in hand.

An innovative circle

A good example of this innovative philosophy is the recent initiative to produce (industrial) ecological construction elements in Belgium and Chile under the name Machiels Building Solutions.
The aim is to create the ‘house of the future’, i.e.: hybrid houses and buildings, with special attention for time, costs and energy based on the timber-frame construction principle.
In all our activities, from environmental management, green-energy production to property development, we try to contribute to a sustainable world in both a technological, economic, ecological and social field.
Thanks to a strong internal dynamic we are able to apply our gained knowledge in various fields in Belgium and abroad.