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Machiels Building Solutions (MBS) is a Group Machiels company together with the investment company LRM.

As a specialist in timber-frame construction, Machiels Building Solutions distinguishes itself in automated production of wooden construction components in an industrial environment.

Architects, consultancies, construction companies, local authorities and project developers then incorporate these custom-made wooden components in façades, offices, (holiday) homes and public buildings. Since Machiels Building Solutions is also a contractor and can deliver and install the components itself if so desired, a turnkey project can be delivered.

The building of the future

MBS’ automated production line for timber-frame components is a European leader and can manufacture orders from major customers in very short order. This construction method has many benefits. As the components are pre-fabricated, fast and fault-free construction is guaranteed. Every detail is drawn in 3D, right down to the screws and rivets. Joinery and cladding can be applied to the timber-frame components during our production process so they no longer need to be done on site. As a result, the construction of MBS structures is five times faster than traditional building projects. And that translates to substantial savings.

Timber-frame construction is also ideal for topping off buildings and makes a perfect shell – both acoustically and in terms of insulation – for façade construction. Two sectors for MBS’ focus.


Construction out of the (wooden) box: that is the baseline. By rolling out its own innovative projects and through its involvement in research projects, MBS is an absolute pioneer in the development of this innovative, cost-saving and environmentally friendly construction method. The constant endeavour to improve and innovate therefore leads to technologically superior products.

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Largest industrial manufacturer of wooden construction components in Benelux