Group Machiels currently operates 12 wind turbines in Flanders. Many other projects for wind-based alternative energy generation are in development.

Group Machiels has built 3 wind turbines on the industrial site of the former coal port on the Albert canal in Beringen. These have been fully operational since mid-March 2013. With a combined output of 6 megawatts, these turbines, along with a 1.1-megawatt PV facility, provide the site with green energy.

Achieving targets

Group Machiels has built another 3 wind turbines on the Port of Genk site in the Genk South industrial estate. These were commissioned in April 2014.

The other 6 wind turbines are situated in Bilzen (De Scheepvaart) Zutendaal (Echo) and on the Oosterring in Genk.

Group Machiels has developed these wind farms close to companies that buy this green energy and hence are able to reduce their electricity bills.



Beringen / Bilzen / Genk / Zutendaal

Contact for more info

Filip Vercauteren

t. + 32 11 28 70 70


12 wind turbines

installed power

24.15 MW

electricity generation / year

43.500 MWh