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Ter Dauten

Group Machiels is completing a large-scale construction project named Ter Dauten, in Diepenbeek.  This ecological residential project, consisting of almost zero-energy buildings and built by Machiels Building Solutions, is located on a 6-hectare site and will be surrounded by water and plenty of greenery.

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Completion of the V-Park eco-residential project located in Houthalen-Helchteren, with 8 contemporary, energy-efficient, spacious timber frame houses built by Machiels Building Solutions.

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Group Machiels is completing 7 modern timber frame houses and 5 apartments in Hoeselt, named “De Bloemenbood”. These energy-efficient homes are being built by Machiels Building Solutions.

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In cooperation with Vestio, the completion of 2 x 6 individual timber frame houses built by Machiels Building Solutions in Hechtel-Eksel.

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In de Bres

In collaboration with the City of Genk, Group Machiels is completing the ecological and residential property project “In de Bres”, consisting of 10 houses and 6 duplex houses built by Machiels Building Solutions. The lease-hold system enables young families and single people to buy affordable and sustainable housing.

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Urbicoon has been part of Group Machiels for some years now. Urbicoon develops and sells investment real estate in booming cities, primarily Brussels and Antwerp, but also other cities.


Urbicoon designs and manages projects with apartments, student flats and offices. The company sets itself apart with the ‘Urbicoon mix’ of perception, long-term vision and quality which is sure to impress both owners and residents.

Consequently, architects and construction companies are selected for their experience and reputation for comfortable, affordable yet contemporary living.

Examples of partners with such a vision include Vincent Dupont (Atelier 224), architectural office LSIE, DS +, Jaspers & Eyers, MSA, V+, Trans… These are all, without exception, leading architects.


With its range of high-quality (investment) real estate, Urbicoon capitalises on two social trends: the continuing demand for high-quality investment real estate and the demographic trends in city centres. These are a magnet for a wide range of people who are increasingly swapping life in the provinces for city living, due to the employment opportunities, the transport connections and the wealth of culture and tourism on offer.

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