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Haven Genk operates a full service inland tri-modal logistic facility located along the Albert Canal in the Province of Limburg

The company uses barge, rail and motorway transport facilities and operates a container terminal. Services such as bulk handling, forwarding and stuffing are offered by Haven Genk to its customers

Barge Terminal

Every day, Haven Genk transports containers to and from the surrounding sea ports at attractive prices with a daily regular shuttle service via its Barge Terminal. There are 6 departures and 6 arrivals a week to and from Antwerp. Passages to and from Rotterdam are available on request.

The Barge Terminal has a total area of 7 hectares with a quay length of 500 metres. The transshipment capacity is 80,000 TEU per annum and storage capacity is 5,000 TEU.

In an extension to its activities as a Barge Terminal, Haven Genk not only offers container repair and cleaning but also the following services:

  • Stuffing/stripping of containers. Haven Genk has the equipment to move palletised goods, crates, big bags, steel coils and sheets, blocks of natural stone, etc. into and out of containers. Haven Genk then seals the containers and provides the necessary administration.
  • This department handles all the formalities with the other parties as well as the full co-ordination of shipments worldwide, including pre-shipping and onward transport.
  • Pre/On Carriage. Haven Genk has a road transport department, which means that the customer does not need to modify its operations if it wants to use lightweight transport.

Rail Terminal

Haven Genk has its own rail terminal which is connected to the Belgian rail network and handles both shuttle trains with containers, swap bodies and trailers, and ad hoc shipments with conventional rolling stock. The port can also handle shunting and formation of trains.

The Rail Terminal has a total area of 5 hectares, 7 km of track, 4 reach stackers and 2 shunters.

Conventional Cargo & Break Bulk

Haven Genk also provides storage and transshipment of bulk and general cargo. It has covered storage capacity of 8000 m2 and open-air storage capacity of 10,000 m2. The port has gantry cranes, mobile transshipment cranes, wheel loaders and weighbridges.

Ford sites zone C

Haven Genk NV will also develop the Regional Transshipment Centre at the former Ford site. It will provide highly competitive transshipment services for the entire site – companies in Ford zone C, Ford zone B (Genk Green Logistics) – and the wider region.

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